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Welcome!  You have found THE web site for 1984-1990 Mustang and Capri ascMcLaren cars!  Inside you will find tons of information about your car.  Please visit the Forums to get to know other ascMcLaren owners and enthusiasts.  Signing up in the forums gives you the chance to gather and exchange information, ask questions, post pictures to your personal album and have fun!

Do you have an ascMcLaren?

We are sad to say that Sandy has passed on.  He was the world's foremost ASC/McLaren expert and keeper of the Official ASC/McLaren International Registry for 1984-1990 ascMcLaren Mustangs and Capris.

Regardless, the site has cars from every state in America, and from Israel, Italy, Geneva, Paris, Canada, Holland and New Zealand!  We WANT to hear from YOU, too!  Don't be shy! 

Need parts?  Contact Hank Huisman at Paradise Automotive!  His web site only shows a SMALL PORTION of the parts he has available.  Give him a call!

Years ago Hank had the foresight to purchase all the remaining ascMcLaren inventory before asc threw it out!  Thanks to him, we have a source of parts to keep our cars looking good!  Give him a call or drop him an email!

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