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Will it fit?

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:23 am    Post subject: Will it fit? Reply with quote

The entire history of the Mustang Editon ascMcLaren is below. If you lift it & use it I respectfully request credit. Hours & hours of work went into compiling it. Respectfully, Sanford "SANDY" Block. This is my Christmas & Hanukkah Gift to all of you.
ENJOY in the best of health !
Take care of your McLaren, too!

The Following information is copywrited by Sandy Block
and can be used, providing credit to Block is given..

HISTORY OF THE 1987 – 1990 ascMcLAREN


479 cars were made for model year 1987, bearing Dash Plaques #s 001 thru 479, while the 1987 & 1988 were considered “SERIES I” causing the 1988s to be numbered 480 thru 1,494, as1015 were made for 1988.
The numbering did NOT start over for 1988! 1989 & 1990 were considered “SERIES II” ~ so therefore the 247 1989s were numbered 001 thru 247. The 65 units manufactured for 1990 were numbered 248 thru 300 for the normal production, accounting for 53 of the 65 units. The FINAL 12 (Twelve) 1990s were a special run of “Silver~Anniversary Editions” ~ commemorating 25 years that American Sun-Roof Corporation had been in business. (ASC). Those 12 units were numbered 1,900 thru 1,911. (53+12=65).
Units bearing Dash Plaques that began with “1,6_ _” (or Sixteen hundred series are “Service Plaques” ~ or replacement plaques sent to persons whose plaques were stolen or fell off and were lost. A few “1,8_ _” (or Eighteen hundred series) may have also been shipped, also as replacement items.

The new color for 1988 , was Black-Cherry Pearl. For 1989 there were 3 new colors: “Summer’s Tan” (pastel, non metallic), Paris Blue Metallic and Royal Gold Metallic. The new colors for 1990 were: Coral Pink Pearlescent; Sea Foam Aqua and Dino Yellow. Also new for 1990 were three new interior colors: Oxford White, Ebony Black.or Light & Medium Crystal Blue. Sand Beige was deleted for 1990, as was the Tan roof. New roof color for 1990 was Oxford White in vinyl !. Royal Gold Metallic, Paris Blue Metallic and Summer’s Tan died at the end of 1989 as well..


162 in ascMcLaren Red
109 in Keweenau White
101 in Jet Black
053 in Atlantic Blue Metallic
033 in Sterling Silver Metallic
021 in HOT Yellow
479 TOTAL for 1987 Model-Year
{Also listed was “Alpine Green Metallic” ~ but it is believed that none were made…)

Interior & Roof usage for 1987:-

184 in Lt. & Med. Titamium Gray (15 Recaro & 169 Sport)
133 in Sand Beige Monotone (11 Recaro & 122 Sport)
107 in Med. & Dk. Regatta Blue (9 Recaro & 98 Sport)
055 in Scarlet Red Monotone (4 Recaro & 51 Sport)

39 with Recaro Option & 440 with Standard Sport Seating.

243 in Black
134 in Tan
102 in Atlantic Blue


1,015 1988 ascMcLarens were made.

0,263 in Keweenau White
0,254 in ascMcLaren Red
0,185 in Jet Black
0,111 in Sterling Silver Metallic
0,062 in Atlantic Blue Metallic (Navy)
0,062 in Azura Blue Pearl tie) (New color for ’88
0,027 in Black Cherry Pearl NEW color for ’88
0,023 in HOT Yellow
0,015 in Regatta Blue Metallic New color for ’88
0,012 in Gunmetal Gray Metallic NEW color for ’88
0,001 in Regal Red-Fox Metallic NEW Color for’88


580 Black
301 Atlantic Blue
096 Tan
038 Claret~Wine – New for ‘88

378 in Lt. & Med. Titanium Grey (30 Recaro & 348 Sport)
270 in Med. & Dk. Regatta Blue (22 Recaro & 248 Sport)
241 Sand Beige Monotone (20 Recaro & 221 Sport)
124 Scarlet Red Monotone (9 Recaro & 115 Sport)
002 Oxford White with Med. Grey Accents (2 Recaro)

282 with 5-Speed Manual - (27.8%)
733 with 4-Speed Automatic – (72.2%)
Whistler Spectrum-II Superhetrodyne Integral Remote Radar Detector installed in 201 units (19.8%).
083 Units ordered with the $1,765.00 Recaro Seat Option (8.2%).
(Included headrest stereo speakers, heated seats (2) and power Lumbar).
932 ordered with the standard “SPORT” Seats (91.8%)

Black Cherry Pearl was a mid-year addition, beginning with car # 705.
Gunmetal Gray Metallic had been offered in 1987 (late addition), but had been dropped for 1988, as none were ordered. Due to some demand for the color, the color was re-instated for 1988 beginning with car # 540, which was on April 20th 1988. Black Cherry Pearl was added at the end of June, 1988.

Recaro Seat Option was deleted as of car # 869, and was not available
during the production of the final 146 cars. Warrantee problems with burned out heating elements.


084 in Keweenau White
047 in ascMcLaren Red
038 in Jet Black
022 in Royal Gold Metallic – New for ‘89
019 in Candy Red Metallic – New for ‘89
017 in Azura Blue Pearl
011 in Sterling Silver Metallic
008 in Paris Blue Metallic – New for ‘89
001 in British Racing Green – Specially Made On Request For Private Buyer.
000 in Summer’s Tan – New for ‘89 - Not one order received for it.
247 Grand Total

Interior & Roof Usage for 1989:-
(Recaro Seats were discontinued in 1988, after car # 869 of the 1,015, or at 85-percent of the way thru 1988 production).


079 in Sand Beige Monotone
076 in Med. & Dk. Regatta Blue
051 in Lt. & Med. Titanium Gray
041 in Scarlet Red Monotone

1989 Continued;


077 in Black
076 in Atlantic Blue
051 in Tan
022 in Claret~Wine
021 in Dark Chocolate Brown – New for ’89 (1 Year Only)


022 in Keweenau White
014 in Jet Black
010 in ascMcLaren Red
007 in Sterling Silver Metallic
005 in Sea Foam Aqua – New for ‘90
005 in Dino Yellow – New for ‘90
001 in Azura Blue Pearl
001 in Coral Pink Pearl – New for ‘90
065 Grand Total

Interior & Roof Usage for 1990:-


020 in Scarlet Red
013 in Oxford White (new for ’90)
011 in Ebony Black (new for ’90)
011 in Lt. & Med. Opal Grey (new for '90)
010 in Light & Medium Crystal Blue (New for '90)


032 in Black
015 in Oxford White (new for ’90)
011 in Atlantic Blue
007 in Claret~Wine

(Tan colored roof was discontinued at the end of 1989).

I also have 1990 Options. Sorry not published for 1987 & 1989.
1990 Options:-

60 with Automatic Transmission (92.31%)
05 with 5-Speed Manual Transmission (07.69%)
24 with Whistler Remote Radar Detector (36.92%)
New Option that began with car #001 in 1989:-
Illuminated Keyless Remote Control Entry
This was installed on 26 of the 1990s, or exactly 40%.

12 1990 "Mules" had been set aside and had Limited Edition Dash Plaques
with numbers 1900 thru 1911
affixed to their dashboards. All had "Scarlet" Interiors.
They were to be converted at the end of 1990
production, and were to be made in "Sterling Silver Metallic Clearcoat" with the "Scarlet" Monotone
Interior and an "Aresma Silver" Cloth Weave Convertible Roof. Each was to get a front fender mounted
"SILVER ANNIVERSARY" plaque affixed where the 5.0 emblem would be on a Mustang GT.
The Roof material was late in arriving, but ascMcLaren brought inside two (2) of the mules and
proceeded to convert them, hoping by the time they were done that the roofs would have arrived.
However, the roofs did NOT arrive by the time the 2 units were done, so.....they had to keep the
two units inside the building, as they were all finished, but missing their roofs!
In the intrim, ascMcLaren recieved an attorney's letter demanding that asc McLaren NOT make
these comemmortive units as Ford Motor Company had found out about them and were really
mad that another company would make a car to celebrate Ford Motor Company's anniversary
of the Mustang. So, not wanting the bite the hand that feeds them and having no word from the
convertible roof people as to when they could expect the Aresma Silver colored roofs, asc McLaren
terminated the order for those roofs, and put a black roof on one of the two units waiting inside -
(MINE) and a Claret-Wine roof on the other unit, now in Florida, and when the box of 25
"Silver Anniversary Edition" Fender Plques arrived, it was promptly tossed into the waiting DUMPSTER !
(Gawd, would I kill for 2 of them, now!)
The Florida car has Dash Plaque # 1907 while mine is 1904. The Florida car is approaching
80,000 miles, while mine has 7,500 ! The other 10 "Mules" were all painted either Jet Black,
Keweenau White or ascMcLaren Red to go with their "Scarlet" Interiors. Roofs applied were
either Black, white or Claret-Wine. The only way to know that they were among the 12 mules
that had been set aside to become Silver Anniversary Editions would be by their Dash Plaques
bearing 1900 thru 1911.

{All info contained herein is the property of American Sun Roof Corporation and Sandy Block. It can only be used for personal information, pertaining to YOUR ascMcLaren automobile. It cannot be re-printed without the written permission of the person who supplied it to you, being either a representative of ASC or from Sandy Block.

And….Lastly, WHERE-OH-WHERE did those colors come from ?

1987-1990 ascMcLaren Paints …

Atlantic Blue is ’86 Lincoln Shadow Blue, Code 7C
AzurA Blue is ’86 Merkur XR4Ti AzurE Blue, Code OT
Paris Blue is ’87 Nissan Bright Blue, Code 426
Bright Regatta Blue is ’88 Ranger/Aerostar Bright Blue, Code 3E
HOT Yellow is Seat (European Car) ’99 Ovni Yellow, Sikkens SES1H
Dino Yellow is ’93 Mustang Canary Yellow, Code BZ
Keweenau White is ’84 Ford Oxford White (1984 ONLY !!)
Sea Foam Aqua is Ford Festiva & Aspire’s Aqua, Code SE
Coral Pink is Nissan ’00-’02 Cranberry Pink, Code NISAX7 (Japan Market ONLY!!) Sikken’s Code 348B6 Used on Cube MiniVan.
Regal Red-Fox is ’87 Merkur XR4Ti Regal Red, Code 0O
Candy Red is ’88 Toyota Supra Red-Pearl, Code 3H1
Black-Cherry is ’85 Cadillac Black-Cherry, Code 99
Summer’s Tan is ’88 Ford Truck Light Chestnut, Code 9T
Jet Black is universal Black, Code 242
Sterling Silver is ’83 Ford Escort Silver Clearcoat, Code 1Q
Gunmetal Gray is ’86 Cadillac Academy Gray, Code 84
British Racing Green is ’75 Truimph, Code HAA – DuPont # 45102
ascMcLaren Red is Porsche’s Guards Red, Code POR 027 and ’87 Ford’s
Red Snapper, Code FA87:RS and ’89 MerkurXR4Ti’s Radiant Red, Code OP and ’93 Ford’s Vermillion, Code FA93:21
Royal Gold is ’89 Jeep Sand Glow, Code HY3, and ’89 Merkur XR4Ti Tuscany Gold, Code 08, and Chrysler-Of-France’s Silver Platine, Code CF 9570.

Sandy passed away in 2012. He will be forever missed.

1990 Final Car prior to the 12 Silver Anny Editions
1990 Silver Pearl Anny Edition
1986 Coupe Full Pkg #109 of 114.
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